Ireland:: Part 1

We had a quick trip to Ireland at the end of August.

 Four whole days off work in fact. We actually fancied a nice beach holiday but as every flight to a nice sunny country was either out-of-the-question expensive or they had no flights on the day we needed to come back. So we decided that we would venture off to Dublin as the flights were quite cheap & we really fancied some pub night life.

Let's just say that the weather was grey, damp, & drizzly for the entire holiday. Also our apartment was awful (we had no hot water!!) & lets just say I never want to eat in Ireland again.

The Fanciest Spar I have ever seen^

We stayed in one of these apartments. Never again!

The first night we went to a traditional American Diner. I was quite excited as I love this whole kitschy concept but I was very let down. 

I know diners are supposed to be all greasy food but the food here was awful (basically taking a bite out my burger to find it had liquidized to oil yuck).

After food we did what we came to Ireland to do.


 Never again. Yuck (mines the little one! & I still managed to finish it first!)

We then fancied a more lively atmosphere & set off for a good ol' traditional pub full of Irish music & we weren't disapointed!

We eventually found Temple Bar. Which turns out is the name of the whole street of pubs... Not an actual pub called Temple like we had been looking for since we arrived! Doh!
We sipped Jameson whiskey at Fitzsimons which is apparently one of the more "young & hip" pubs on the street.

We loved the live bands! Lets just say that we left at around 2am wobbling home! 

Part 2 coming soon! 

Rose & Muse 


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