Ireland:: Part 2

The beginning of day two wasn't pretty. I was very, very hungover. But I had to perk myself up as I was heading to the Guiness factory! I don't even like Guiness...

Okay the green post boxes made my day. Green is my fave colour & it's so weird not seeing them in royal red like back home in the uk.

I have to say I struggled walking around. I didn't take anything in as I just wanted to sleep & eat. But when I slunk away to find a bench to pass out on sit on, I stumbled onto this beautiful sculpture of a pint of Guiness.

When I then begged Matt to go & get a nice steaming mug of coffee from somewhere, he then decided it would be a great idea to go Guiness tasting... even though on our first night we both established that we didn't like Guiness....

However it was pretty interesting, a tour guide takes you into a blinding white room & you get to huddle around vents which release puffs of barley, hops, chocolatey smells so you get the idea of of taste & scent.

We were then escorted into a room where we finally got to taste shot glasses of Guiness. I was ready to run now. I realised only then that coming to a factory & tasting of alcohol is not the best idea when you are hungover (who would have guessed?).

I did however enjoy all the old ads.

Haha oh my.

Guiness through the ages ads.

Paul Rudd on the hall of fame made me giggle.

We then decided to try the gravity bar at the very top of the factory, this is where you can get your free pint when shown the ticket.

Matt is a right scaredy pants of heights.

We then decided to go & get some food (THANK GOD). It was good fun, the factory, although after finding out that Arthur Guiness fathered 21 children, I think the museum should have been in honour of his bloody wife, never mind the beer!

We then found Leo Burdocks, World famous fish & chips. These had been recommended by everyone when asked where best to eat! I was very excited. I LOVE fish & chips. 

One of the many long lists of celebrity's who have visited.

Lets just say I was really excited, Fish & chips are my favourite comfort food. I love them sprinkled in salt with generous lashings of vinegar, steaming hot, & savoured, so I was really looking forward to some famously good chip action.

Matt was very skeptical as he loathes british food (fish & chips, english breakfast, sunday dinner, beans on toast etc.) being french its not "real food" to him. Bloody french.

As there was no seating inside we grabbed our steaming & ran out into the rain to take cover under the trees. I eagerly unwrapped mine & dug in!

Lets just say I don't know why they're famous... What felt like no vinegar on the chips, a little bit of salt & chewy batter, I was disapointed. & then had to deal with a bloody smarmy, puffed up french boy smiling & saying "I told you!"

We then decided to take cover from the rain, as it was turning into a fierce downpour & took refuge in a pub. A nice warm pub, live music, steaming hot mugs of Irish Coffee & plenty of conversation.

We stayed for five hours... not even realising that the rain had stopped! 

We then decided it was time to leave, we went back home, napped, ate, changed... Then went to find another pub! 

This was by far the best live music we had seen so far!

The atmosphere is fantastic!

Part 3 soon! 

Rose & Muse

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