Wishlist: Etsy Jewelry

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I love Etsy. I seriously love it. You can just find so much good stuff there whether its edgy second hand furniture for your home, geeky gifts & vintage clothing you can always find something great. I personally love the jewellery on Esty. I have a huge wish list of saved jewellery pieces & I try to show it to Matt whenever holiday seasons come along *ahem* (present seasons) haha. 

I always see a good mix of jewellery from Etsy on Pinterest so after seeing a few I thought I would share a few of my favourites this month. I am especially lovin' number 2, the chunky gold & Pyrite ring le sigh.

Anybody else love Etsy for something in particular?

Rose & Muse


Autumn Feeling

I don't know about you but I feel as though Autumn came out of nowhere this year! At the beginning of September over here in Wales, we had an elongated summer for about three weeks. Which meant I was still walking around outside in strappy tops & sandals towards the end of September, wut. But I found within the next day or two I was already pulling out my thick winter coat out of storage & wrapping up in a new tartan scarf from New Look as the freezing cold winds descended from nowhere.

Now it feels like Autumn here, with the sun shining down & freezing cold wind. Here are a few things that get me all excited for Autmn.

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In work I have already started to collect conkers with the children & I have already got my eye on an autumnal Yankee candle for the house!

Have anything that you particularly love in Autumn?

Patrick Guilbaud

Whilst we were in Ireland Matt took me for an early birthday present (I turned twenty two a week later at the beginning of September eep).

He ever so kindly treated me to a restaurant called Patrick Guilbaud, which I found out when we arrived that it was  French Two Michelin star, gulp.

When we arrived, we were whisked away in a whirl of bonsoirs, & ca va's.

{pink & black clutch from Whistles}

We were taken to a comfy living room where Matt ordered champagne & we grazed the paving slab of a wine list & menu whilst nibbling on the "Canape nuts"

After deciding on a four course tasting menu & wine tasting we were taken through to our table. 
We where then given our pre tasters of blue cheese profiteroles & we chose sundried tomato, & caramelized onion & black olive breads.

First off was a palette cleanser of butternut puree with creme fraiche, coffee, & caramel sesame seeds.

The place itself was nicely decorated although it was empty when we arrived.

Our first course. Lobster Ravioli with curry sauce & pan fried almonds. I wasn't too keen on this as I don't eat shellfish (totally forgot to mention that one doh).

Second course. Smoked salmon with edamame beans & passion fruit dressing. This was my favourite! Even though I don't usually like sweet & savoury together, this tasted like heaven.

Third course. Turbot in a curry & tomato sauce with peas & a potato & chive puree for me as I don'teat meat.

Braised Lamb for Matt.

Before the fourth course we had another palette cleanser.
A hazelnut & cream mousse, to get ready for the best part. 

We were then given our petit fours which consisted of a Mojito Macaroon, A white chocolate & Pina Colada lollipop, a hazelnut cream cake, a chocolate fondant, a strawberry & raspberry creme basket & a blackcurrent jelly cube.

We saved these for later.

Oh hey.

Then Dessert arrived in the form of a chocolate tart with a salted caremel ice cream mousse.

But my favourite part came with coffee.

We ordered two Irish coffees then this was wheeled over to us & as the shiny wooden lid lifted I swear to god I heard angels sing.

Yes that is a treasure chest filled to the brim with chocolate.

Let's just say that was my favourite part of the night, matt can safely say getting the bill wasn't his :')

Rose & Muse

Rotating Favourites :: 1

I thought I would start doing a monthly feature on my favourite blogs of the month. Some new discoveries, some that have been there since I first discovered the world of blogging.

I adore visiting a blog that shares their blogger reads as you can always find some new gems to add to your bloglovin' or bookmark bar. 

When I find a new blog  & I enjoy the content it's like buying a new magazine. I usually grab a steaming mug of coffee & head straight to the archives & start from day one of their blogging days & I love the transition of the person & blog where you can see the difference between photo's, styles & their life. It's a bit like getting to know the blogger first hand. 

& so I thought I would start off with these six.

Number 1.

I found this blog earlier this year & fell in love with Cat's style & her love for vintage things. As with all of these blogs I headed straight to the beginning to discover why she wanted to blog, how she met the texan, the beginning of her online vintage shop & the story of Miriam & Hans. 

Number 2.

My mother introduced me to this wonderful blog about two years ago via an antiques magazine & I have checked it everyday since! Junkaholique is the home of jewlery makers & junk collectors Artemis & Nao & their beautiful baby daughter Pehr. I love following their journeys to pick up vintage furniture, their stunning home deco tips, & Pehr's beautifully retro handmade clothes by Artemis herself. Promise me you'll visit this blog & fall in love!?

Number  3.

I discovered this blog through a number of clicking through links & was drawn to (at the time) the beautiful simple layout with an illustrated lily header ( lilies are my favourite flower) & have kept this little gem ever since. Giada resides in Italy & takes some seriously stunning photo's whether its for her recipes, beauty/style posts or her day to day adventures. She also has some gorgeous blog designs in her shop.

Number 4.

I found Freya's blog a few weeks ago & was intrigued by the name alone (I still don't know what it means!). Her blog is full of the most beautiful travel photos from her work trips which I can safely say capture the countries she has visited. There are no touristy photos on Freyas blog only that of the people who live their day to day lives in laughter & even poverty. I am currently patiently waiting for her wedding photos from Bermuda to arrive on the blog as she is getting married this week! 

Number 5.

I love a very minimal blog & Sofia's is the best! Her blog is very natural & clean & I can't get enough of her photos & cruelty free beauty products.

Number 6.

Excuse me. I have been living under a rock obviously, as I have only just discovered Rebecca's blog. *Hangs head in shame. But I can safely say that I have made up for it as I have stalked her archives & cannot get enough of her posts which helpfully range from beauty products & thoughts on life. I currently adore her post's on room decor, her favourite beauty products & how she styles her blog photo's.

So there are a few of my finds!

Can anyone share a few of their favourites with me?

Rose & Muse