Ireland:: Part 3

On our third day we just had a little wander. We got up late again & weaved in & out of people in the streets until we passed Dublin Castle. We thought why not have a little culture today & popped in.

The Castle was full of pretty details but void of real history & furniture (unlike our great castles in Wales & England ;)


After spending half an hour in the castle we decided to go & grab some food & a new pub.
On the way we discovered a "Dublin Camden" Streets thick with rainbows of graffiti, tattoo parlours, indie & rock shops, & of course full of vintage boutiques.

I noticed a few of these faces plastered into the walls all around the streets of Dublin, after a quick google, an artist called Gibb left a lot of his sculptures hidden in the walls of dublin.

We then found our pub from the night before.

& then a new one. THE temple bar pub. & stayed here for most of the afternoon where we met a few different couples from around the world & I learnt how to say cheers in a few new languages haha. 

Rose & Muse


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