Patrick Guilbaud

Whilst we were in Ireland Matt took me for an early birthday present (I turned twenty two a week later at the beginning of September eep).

He ever so kindly treated me to a restaurant called Patrick Guilbaud, which I found out when we arrived that it was  French Two Michelin star, gulp.

When we arrived, we were whisked away in a whirl of bonsoirs, & ca va's.

{pink & black clutch from Whistles}

We were taken to a comfy living room where Matt ordered champagne & we grazed the paving slab of a wine list & menu whilst nibbling on the "Canape nuts"

After deciding on a four course tasting menu & wine tasting we were taken through to our table. 
We where then given our pre tasters of blue cheese profiteroles & we chose sundried tomato, & caramelized onion & black olive breads.

First off was a palette cleanser of butternut puree with creme fraiche, coffee, & caramel sesame seeds.

The place itself was nicely decorated although it was empty when we arrived.

Our first course. Lobster Ravioli with curry sauce & pan fried almonds. I wasn't too keen on this as I don't eat shellfish (totally forgot to mention that one doh).

Second course. Smoked salmon with edamame beans & passion fruit dressing. This was my favourite! Even though I don't usually like sweet & savoury together, this tasted like heaven.

Third course. Turbot in a curry & tomato sauce with peas & a potato & chive puree for me as I don'teat meat.

Braised Lamb for Matt.

Before the fourth course we had another palette cleanser.
A hazelnut & cream mousse, to get ready for the best part. 

We were then given our petit fours which consisted of a Mojito Macaroon, A white chocolate & Pina Colada lollipop, a hazelnut cream cake, a chocolate fondant, a strawberry & raspberry creme basket & a blackcurrent jelly cube.

We saved these for later.

Oh hey.

Then Dessert arrived in the form of a chocolate tart with a salted caremel ice cream mousse.

But my favourite part came with coffee.

We ordered two Irish coffees then this was wheeled over to us & as the shiny wooden lid lifted I swear to god I heard angels sing.

Yes that is a treasure chest filled to the brim with chocolate.

Let's just say that was my favourite part of the night, matt can safely say getting the bill wasn't his :')

Rose & Muse

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