Rotating Favourites :: 1

I thought I would start doing a monthly feature on my favourite blogs of the month. Some new discoveries, some that have been there since I first discovered the world of blogging.

I adore visiting a blog that shares their blogger reads as you can always find some new gems to add to your bloglovin' or bookmark bar. 

When I find a new blog  & I enjoy the content it's like buying a new magazine. I usually grab a steaming mug of coffee & head straight to the archives & start from day one of their blogging days & I love the transition of the person & blog where you can see the difference between photo's, styles & their life. It's a bit like getting to know the blogger first hand. 

& so I thought I would start off with these six.

Number 1.

I found this blog earlier this year & fell in love with Cat's style & her love for vintage things. As with all of these blogs I headed straight to the beginning to discover why she wanted to blog, how she met the texan, the beginning of her online vintage shop & the story of Miriam & Hans. 

Number 2.

My mother introduced me to this wonderful blog about two years ago via an antiques magazine & I have checked it everyday since! Junkaholique is the home of jewlery makers & junk collectors Artemis & Nao & their beautiful baby daughter Pehr. I love following their journeys to pick up vintage furniture, their stunning home deco tips, & Pehr's beautifully retro handmade clothes by Artemis herself. Promise me you'll visit this blog & fall in love!?

Number  3.

I discovered this blog through a number of clicking through links & was drawn to (at the time) the beautiful simple layout with an illustrated lily header ( lilies are my favourite flower) & have kept this little gem ever since. Giada resides in Italy & takes some seriously stunning photo's whether its for her recipes, beauty/style posts or her day to day adventures. She also has some gorgeous blog designs in her shop.

Number 4.

I found Freya's blog a few weeks ago & was intrigued by the name alone (I still don't know what it means!). Her blog is full of the most beautiful travel photos from her work trips which I can safely say capture the countries she has visited. There are no touristy photos on Freyas blog only that of the people who live their day to day lives in laughter & even poverty. I am currently patiently waiting for her wedding photos from Bermuda to arrive on the blog as she is getting married this week! 

Number 5.

I love a very minimal blog & Sofia's is the best! Her blog is very natural & clean & I can't get enough of her photos & cruelty free beauty products.

Number 6.

Excuse me. I have been living under a rock obviously, as I have only just discovered Rebecca's blog. *Hangs head in shame. But I can safely say that I have made up for it as I have stalked her archives & cannot get enough of her posts which helpfully range from beauty products & thoughts on life. I currently adore her post's on room decor, her favourite beauty products & how she styles her blog photo's.

So there are a few of my finds!

Can anyone share a few of their favourites with me?

Rose & Muse

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