Fajita Time

I love mexican food. We get on so good. I can eat jalapenos by the bucket load & anything smothered in guacamole is heaven in my books, so as soon as I saw this Tapas bar in Chester I was dragging Matt through the door.

The thing I loved about this place is that it is inside one of the Chester Vaults. We grabbed a bar table & sat at the glow of our candle under the arched ceiling.

Of course what is mexican food without a a big jug of Sangria?

We set on fajitas. Chicken smothered in piri piri sauce, squeezed with lime & veg.

Then topped with the necessities, guac, salsa, sour cream, & of course cheese! 

& with added Sweet potato fries which I unfortunately had to share with Matt...

Anyone else love Mexican food? 

Rose & Muse

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