Nailed it.

I realized recently that my nails needed some TLC & an Autumnal colour. Sadly my nail polish collection is dire to say the least & consists of only a few pastel colours from the summer just gone. I decided I needed to me a little more grown up & sport a nice deep shade. 

I came across this red (Salon Pro Rock n Roll by Rimmel & Kate Moss)  in the pic above & loved the outcome (after a few layers, at first it comes out a bit pink so it needs layers added). I also decided to purchase the O.P.I Nail Envy nail strengthener & I can already see such a difference, I highly recommend this product as it thickens the nail enamel & I haven't broken a nail in weeks!

 I also grabbed this Mavadry as I am so lazy & clumsy when it comes to nail painting, smudging my nails is inevitable when I do them. So this product dries them a little faster.

Anyone else have any nail purchases they have loved recently?

Rose & Muse


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