Matt & I went to Chester the other day. It seems to be our place. We always find ourselves gravitating towards the old buildings & cobbled streets of Chester City Center. We decided to spend a night at Oddfellows Hotel, our second time, & I knew that I was not going home without any pictures like I did last time!

"There’s a hint of Wonderland behind the Oddfellows hotel’s elegant 17th-century façade. Eccentric, charming, and whimsical, the secret garden and flamboyant maple-wood draw in the buzzy local Chester crowd, but you’ll want to stay for the dreamy comfort of the unusual rooms" 

As soon as you walk up the steps into reception you feel like you've stepped into an Elle home style magazine. The Georgian interior is furnished with the most beautiful & crazy touches. 

The reception area has still kept its servants bells, & although I didn't get a chance to take a snap, the opposite wall is devoted to typewriters of every kind of size. I don't mean pictures. Actual typewriters mounted on the wall & it looks amazing!

Yes that is a table on the roof.

Our room this time was located on the ground floor for easy access users, & it did not disappoint. I am all for a room that has a bath right next to the bed haha!

Okay I am not that fussy when it comes to coffee, as long as I can get some in the morning I'm not really one to complain, until I used one of these babies. Funnily enough I have only ever used them in hotels! But these coffee machines make THE best coffee & they are so easy to use! I may just have to treat myself to one for Christmas! 

So I was glad to have one of these in my room to say the least!

To get to our room we have to go out of the main building into the "Secret Garden" to get to the rooms.

Okay last time we were here it was summer & we stayed out in the garden all night with the heaters but as these pictures were taken a few weeks ago, not even the pretty deco could keep us outside in the cold!

It is a gorgeous hotel with great staff & the food is so good that we stayed eating from 7 to 11, oops!

Anyone heard of this hotel before?

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