The Botanist

The last time I was in Chester I found a pretty little bar/restaurant hidden among the rows of shops & up the stairs. I knew that it was going to be my go to place next time I visited & here it is. I only had a few minutes but I wanted to capture the place!

It is called the Botanist & has a gorgeous rustic interior.

We sat in the main entrance for a quick bite & drink before we had to check into our hotel Here. Unfortunately the photos are bathed in an orange glow due to the heaters so I'll keep the photos to a minimum! 

We were nice & sung underneath the heaters, where we ordered some amazingly good fries & salt & pepper onion petals & cider from the beautifully illustrated menus! We can't wait to come back & try it all again & stay a little longer!

Find the beautiful site here

I love finding little places like this, do you?

Rose & Muse

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