DIY:: Wrapping Paper

Twenty days until Christmas! 
I know that this is not news but I need to get myself into gear. 

I still have one or two more presents to buy & then I'm done for shopping. This year I thought I would have a go at being a bit creative & as I'm on a budget I'll use what I have to hand instead of spending pennies on overpriced wrapping paper. So I spent 50p on a roll of brown parcel paper & made my own.

I used:

White ink
A paintbrush
Pretty stamps
Parcel string

I thought it might be a bit time consuming & boring but I had more fun than expected whilst doing it. Also it was strangely satisfying to see how good I was at stamping haha!

I think for the rest of the presents I will add some holly or mistletoe to make it a tad more festive.

What do you think?

Rose & Muse

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