Gift Guide 2014: For Her

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If I'm totally honest I don't usually use gift guides. I pride myself as a person who always gets "The good gifts". I always take note of what someone wants by checking out wishlists & asking others around then what that person has been coveting. I find it really impersonal to just buy something off the shelf for a friend, but that's just me. I usually go to Etsy & grab something that relates to an inside joke just to make it a little more sentimental & personal.

Although this year I scoured every gift guide I could find as I had a secret santa from work to buy for & I was stumped. She was older than me, a mother, & disliked girly things & I hardly knew her. It was hard. This is when I turn to gift guides. I usually opt for ASOS for things like this as you can find a mixture of funny & unusual things for some one.

These are my picks for this year.

Is everyone wrapped & ready?

Rose & Muse


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