Rotating Favourites :: 2

& here we are! As promised, the second installment of my Rotating Favourites.

Number l.

The Cherry Blossom Girl is probably the first fashion blog I ever found. I fell in love with Alix's pastel hued photos & her stunning Parisian style! Her photography has now evolved into beautiful editorials that look fresh out of a French chic magazine & her travel photos will leave you green with envy.

Number 2.

I recently found Jen's blog through clicking links & I adore her content. I love her post's on blog help & being productive.

Number 3.

Isobels blog has fascinated me for years now. I couldn't believe someone so young (at the time) had such a good relationship with fashion & style, & a few years on is no exception! Isobel's blog is a place of creativity & fashion & fuses her creations into her ootd.

Number 4.

Hannah's blog is a beautiful little find, full of vintage treasures & charity shop bargains that come together with on her blog with her fantastic styling skills!

Number 5.

Tatty boots is one of the first arty blogs I followed. I was drawn to Katy's charity shop finds & her lovely style but her drawings & water colours are my favourites! 

Number 6.

Cupcakes & Cashmere was probably one of the first blogs I ever found. I liked Emily's outfit photo's but loved her interior tips the best. Her blog is so aesthetically pleasing & full of cute concepts & good food. Plus I can't wait for her baby to come & join the blog! 

More soon! 
Do you enjoy these posts? Do you have any recomendations?

Rose & Muse

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