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Personally I love sharing what I had for Christmas. Yes, I'm one of those people that like to show off whether it's a Prada Saffiano (haha in my dreams *cries*) or just a bottle of nail polish that costs a pound. If I've been coveting something for far too long & finally receive it then I do like to photograph it(if it's pretty) & blog it. As this blog is my form of a diary I love documenting things like this so I thought I would state that before I carried on as I found after Christmas a lot of bloggers were apologising for putting photos of their gifts on their blog (or simply not blogging about them at all) because they don't want others to think they are spoilt. 

This is my space so I just like to post what I like so here goes!

Matt & I are moving into a new flat THIS WEEK! Eep! So we had to keep the spending to a minimum this Christmas as we need to make grown up choices like budgeting for rent, moving vans, food etc. (I hate being a grown up btw), but I was very naughty & saved my pennies on the side for an ipad for Mat as it's all I have heard day in, day out since last Christmas. I gave him my little wishlist of these beauties below: 

I saw this in the shop Parfois (which I have never heard of before) whilst wandering around the airport in august when we went to Ireland. I saw it & instantly fell in love with it, the colour the shape, but after having a short break in Ireland (*ahem* drinking every night in Temple bar isn't cheap..) I weighed that I didn't need it & moved on. But I have thought about it ever since & he kindly remembered & got it for Christmas. The cutie.

I saw this awhile ago in Urban Outfitters but was in a rush & once again was trying to save my pennies so I didn't buy it, but I left the shop still thinking about it & was very intrigued. I cannot wait to start reading this one!

I had seen this book floating around the blogging world & of course on Pinterest. I asked for it as I fell in love with this book Parisian Chic by Ines De La Fressange & thought it might be similar. I didn't enjoy this book as much as I thought I would, I think I was a bit spoilt with Parisian Chic as it offered so much! But I found How to be Parisian everywhere a bit boring & just full of mantras to repeat & how to keep a boyfriend & a lover?It's an okay read but you will forget it by Monday. Though it might make a nice coffee table book & it is one more to my collection of Parisian books.

I have been interested in this product for a while now & I couldn't wait to plaster it on before bed in Christmas. & it may be all in my mind after having read so many glowing reviews (literally) but I found my skin was so smooth the morning after! I can't wait to use it more.

So they were my lovely little gifts this year. I also treated myself to a new Iphone the Saturday before Christmas as I needed one so bad ( I broke mine in March!! & had to wait for the contract to end before buying a new one). So that was a nice treat. We also asked our families for some vouchers for Ikea so we could kit our new flat out in some nice new things. So watch out for us Ikea! We're coming on Saturday!

What did you lovely lot get for Christmas this year? 

Rose & Muse 

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