WIMB: August

So this is my August addition to What's In My Bag

I love sharing this for some reason! I get a real thrill seeing what others cart around with them daily & sadly enjoy joining in too. 

Presently in my bag you will find nothing excitng just:

  • A frilly umbrella from Primark
  • USB
  • Anna Sui small hand mirror
  • Passport (dangerous I know but my only form of I.D)
  • Favourite pen 
  • Ipad Mini
  • Frends Layla Gold headphones
  • Glasses
  • Purse
So there we have it. Aside from a mess of cables, receipts, breakfast bars these are my go  to. Considering it's supposed to be summer, the insides of my bag are looking rather gloomy!

My Skincare Routine

I thought I would share my personal skin care routine. My skin is sensitive/normal but gets very dry during the Winter months. I'm going to be very honest & say that I never used to wash my face before I slept when I was a teenager. The thought makes me horrified now. When I got to 15/16 I thought a make up wipe was all I needed to wipe away the Marilyn Manson-esque eyes & would apply it all back on the next day. Cringe.

Now thank fully, I have a routine I use day & night & I have to say that my skin has improved. I was quite lucky growing up, only having a huge break out once a month. Not lucky at the time I'm sure my 15 year old self would scream if someone told me that, but looking back now, I should be grateful as I see people struggle with worse conditions.

The first thing I do to remove my make up is to soak a small amount of Micellar water on a cotton pad. I know everyone likes Bioderma but I'm not a fan, I prefer the Garnier pink version which soothes. I recently picked up the green Garnier water which is supposed to mattify but I feel like it leaves my skin tight & dry. Anyway the Pink version Garnier Cleansing Micellar Water  I feel does the trick removing about  85% of my make up & works wonders on mascara.

I then use The Body Shops Chamomile Cleansing Oil to remove the stubborn remains. It's the first time I've used oil as a cleanser but I am now converted. The smell of the chamomile is so soothing, taking my make up off is actually relaxing rather than a chore. I have just purchased my second bottle of this stuff.

Once I've removed my make up I exfoliate in the shower with a Body Shop face brush & a beaded exfoliant. I'm after the Clinique face brush but my boyfriend keeps reminding me that I've already bought one for £4 so why do I need an £80 one? I hate him being the voice of reason. I like an exfoliator to smell good & work well, I love ones that have beads in but I hate when they're too rough. I've been using the Neutrogena Grapefruit one lately & it smells divine.

After I exfoliate, I smother my face in moisturiser. I will always remember my mum as a kid moisturising my face & telling me that it's essential, like putting knickers on every day haha. I have just bought a second tub of this Vitamin E Aqua Sorbet from The Body Shop (can you tell I love that place?) as it's amazingly refreshing first thing in the morning. 

Then after a long day I finally take my face off using this routine but at night, instead of putting moisturiser on I add a few drops of Kiehls Midnight Recovery concentrate oil. It smells soothing, of Lavender & sends me right off to sleep. I had this for Christmas & it's still going strong & I definitely see a difference in my skin after using it. 

& last but not least, before I do hit the pillows I coat my lips in lip balm or vaseline (This is also when I smother my hands & feet in cream too) I feel like doing this before bed soaks my lips over night & I wake up with silky smooth lips. Lately I've been using this Balm from of course, The Body Shop,  I love the way it hydrates my lips back to life.

So there's my little routine, do any of you have a skincare routine? I would love to here it! 

Rose & Muse


Beautiful Spaces

{i, ii, iii, iiii, v, vi, vii, viii}

I thought I would post some pictures that have been hanging around in my "likes" on Pinterest for far too long now, of some dreamy spaces that I just find really refreshing & colourful. I have only just moved into this little apartment but already I feel so restricted as I can't decorate & make it a "home." These past weeks have had me day dreaming of my own home in the future, hopefully one day looking lovely & looking like the beautiful spaces above. One day.

Hope you're all having a good weekend!

Rose & Muse


Grumpy Skin

I recently purchased this Vitamin C moisturiser from The Bodyshop & I am in love. I moisturise every morning when I wake up & I am always looking for that extra glow. So when I walked past the Bodyshop on the way to work the other day the poster for this little pot really stood out for me. Dull, tired, & grumpy skin? That's my skin in a nutshell right now, so the next day I went in & bought it. 

This moisturiser has the tangy but subtle smell of camu camu berries (Which smell orangey) & I smother my face first thing with a small dollop. I love that this product glides on silkily & does not leave your face sticky (a must when using moistuiser). 

I do love this product but will I buy it again or go back to TBS Vitamin E aqua sorbet purely because I love the texture? It's a hard one haha!

Has anyone else tried this yet? 

Rose & Muse

A Little Home Tour

Back in January Mathieu & I moved into our first little flat in the heart of Chester city centre. We reside in a one bedroom flat with a small bathroom & kitchen & also a walk in closet (I love it).

Unfortunately we don't have the best view, just some alleyways & the backs of restaurants & shops but it's a cosy place for two & after moving here from the middle of nowhere, I LOVE being able to walk across the street to go & get milk instead of an hours journey just to do some shopping. It really is heaven. I love this little city. It has so much culture due to the Roman settlement, Deva, bringing tourists from all over! & it's full of quirky little places & amazing restaurants! I really need to show you the pancake house I found here (it's a dream!).

As we have been here for six months now (how is that possible!!???) & we just renewed our contract for a year I thought I would show a little glimpse of our humble abode, as I douse this space to document bit of my life, it only makes sense haha.

Above is a corner of our living room which is pretty bare due to us renting & being unable to put things on the walls which really sucks. I just try to brighten up the place by putting flowers everywhere. 

Yeah I have a lot of knick knacks (junk) I have hoarded over the years.

This is our little bedroom. The room is basically just a wall sectioning off part of the living room so we have little window like indents around the wall which is pretty but as I found out the hard way, difficult getting changed when you have people over haha!

The door above leads to a very narrow walk in closet which isn't very glamorous & is full of rails & drawers so I'll spare you.

Mother dearest bought us the sugar & cream jars for Christmas, I love them.

So there is a little glimpse at my home for now. Mathieu & I are planning on staying here for a few years & then we want to relocate to Mathieu's home town of Antibes. I have no complaints there & cannot wait to move! So until we get saving & move our bums this cosy flat will have to do!

Rose & Muse


WIMB: My Make Up Bag

As I have mentioned many times before on here, I LOVE looking in other peoples bags. I think most of us can agree that it's quite interesting to see what others deem necessary to lug around with them every day. 

Today I thought I would share what was in my make up bag (aside from tissues, cotton buds & pads) & show what my daily make up is. Looking at this now I realise that I don't actually wear a lot of make up. I'm a Pre-school teacher & start work at 7am & I walk half an hour to work everyday, so I prefer not to spend too long in the mirror at 6am haha. I feel like I go for a natural dewy make up look most of the time.

I love looking at other bloggers with their 3 drawers of Muji boxes crammed with 10 lipsticks & 100 eyeshadows & I truly am envious haha! But unfortunatly I am lazy & useless at applying my own make up so I just stick to my basics.

Bodyshop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet is my favourite moisturiser at present. This stuff is a godsend on the skin. I use this Bodyshop Facial Brush when ex-foliating/cleaning my face in the shower & once I'm out, just before bed, I smother my face in this sorbet. It gives a slightly tingling, cooling sensation effect & feels extremely refreshing. I also love the texture of this product, it glides on like a moisturiser but sits like a primer, I am in love.

As I mentioned above I go for a dewy look in my make up & so try to avoid powders. The Stila Cream Blush in Lilium is my go to as it's a silky pigment that I find sits on the skin beautifully & gives a natural looking pinch of pink. 

I fill in my eyebrows with Bobbi Browns Brow kit in Dark as I think my eye brows aren't as dark as my hair colour & like to fill them in a bit to keep them looking nice & natural but tame.

For my base I use Chanels Vitalumiere Aqua compact in Beige 40, I know that at £40 a go this is an expensive daily base but this was a valentines gift off Mat & I find it really suits my skin. I love the way in melts in & sits throughout the day. I do find I need to top up within the day but I love doing it so it's not a hassle haha.

Over the past 12 months I have become a bit of a Clinique Junkie. Although when I run out of a product I do like to change it to try new things, most of Clinique's products are at the top of the list to buy again. I bought the Even Better Under Eye Correcter after sampling a friends. As a victim of hay fever & being one of those people who get over emotional from anything, I found this product a must. A quick cooling, sweep under the eyes & moments later I feel as though they are "De-puffed" (Obviously not instantly, It's not magic!)

For my eyes I curl my lashes & then add a few licks of Clinique's Lash Thickening Mascara. I love the effect it gives my lashes, long, thick & natural looking. I don't know whether to jump on the bandwagon & purchase some Shu Umera curlers next time I'm in Space N.K, are they really worth the hype?

& last but not least, after I apply my moisturiser, I smooth into my nose area & cheeks, The Bodyshops Tea Tree Pore Minimiser Primer. I adore tea tree, I know most people hate it but this stuff is so cooling & freshening first thing in the morning. It's quite a new product for me so I am still testing the pore minimising haha.

So there we have it, my make up bag!

(Oh & for those interested, the bag is from Primark!) 

Rose & Muse


My Most Worn Jewellery

I thought I would share my most worn jewellery on here today. When I was younger I used to despise gold jewellery. I guess it's because of the fact you got labelled as a "chav" in my school if you wore gold, & all I wore was silver necklaces. Oh how times have changed. I am now trying to build a collection of fine gold jewellery. I love delicate necklaces & bracelets but unfortunately I can't wear them every day (problems of a preschool teacher). So far I only have a few bits but I can't wait to extend. 

In the photo above, the agate pendent is one of my favourites. I found it for 50p in a charity shop with a friend when I was 15 & I kept it ever since. The triangle earrings are by The Vamoose, Check out their website, they have gorgeous stuff! The two bangles are from H&M & my go to's for a night out.

The Above are my favourites. The earrings are raw, conflict free diamonds that my boyfriend bought me for our first christmas together. The necklace says "I make my own luck" & I count that as my lucky charm & wear it daily. Next is the tiny gold skull bracelet by Iwona Ludyga. Her jewellery is stunning & I can't wait to add more to my collection. I bought this with my first ever paycheck.

Last of all is my Sailors Love Knot ring that Mathieu bought me for our 1st anniversary. Kinda mushy but he's very sweet. 

I would love to add more to my collection especially a Daniel Wellington watch which is next on my cards.

Rose & Muse


Home Wishlist:: 1

{ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 }

As I have only just moved into my new little flat in January, it's still missing some character. I thought I would compile a wishlist of what I would love to get around to buying this month.

1. A cute house bedside light
2. A Herringbone throw for the sofa to keep me cosy
3.A cute washing basket
4. My place is in dire need of a bar cart!
5. Some pretty baskets for the bathroom to hold my 100+ product containers
6. Some pretty cool coasters
7. Everybody likes a candle
8. I always need some plant life going on in my home

Anyone else have any suggestions?

Rose & Muse


Word: #1

I thought I would do a little "quote post" every now & then as I see these on Pinterest & they always make me lift my chin.

I adore this quote. It's always something I remind myself of when I'm feeling down.

Do any of you have any favourite quotes?

Rose & Muse 


Oh The Places You'll Go!: Amsterdam

I have decided to do a little series on the places I have travelled to & other places I want to travel to! Just naming some beautiful countries/places that I have been lucky enough to visit & some that are once in a life time chances. I thought would be nice to share parts of the world with you all. 

I decided to go with Amsterdam for my first post & although I have only been there twice, that city has stolen my heart! The second time I went back (Read here) It honestly felt like I had never left! I remembered the little cobblestone streets & bridges & was able to help direct my friends. I would highly recommend going in Summer rather than winter, as walking down the streets & lazing in parks feasting on dutch cheese & wine is the best in the sun & flowery streets.

I plan to take a little trip here every year now as it is so cheap to get there from Britain (although it may not be that cheap Dam, those Euros are costly) & to make it a yearly tradition, whether it's with my boyfriend Mathieu, with friends, or by myself. It is really a gorgeous city & I can't wait to go again!

Next time I hope to visit:

Anne Franks Huis

Rent a bike (I was too scared last time!)

Visit De Pijp - A renowned neighbour hood full of indie shops

Vondelpark - Haven't been yet!

Red Light District - (Again) Honestly a fascinating place & THE most safest in Amsterdam apparently!

Street Art on Spuistraat - Amsterdam has some of the coolest street art! I always had my camera ready

Harlemmerstraat - (Again) A street full of cool little boutiques

Has anyone else been to Amsterdam?

Rose & Muse 

Happy Easter

Hope you all have a lovely day 


Playlist: 5 songs

Just a few songs that are on repeat this week! Anyone have any others I could add? 

Rose & Muse


A Beauty Wishlist: One

Beauty Wishlist #1

I have been lusting over these items for a while now, & my plan of saving will take a hit if I indulge.

I haven't worn eyeshadow in a loooong time! Not since I did make up artistry. My go to make up is foundation, eyebrow filling, mascara, blush! But these past few days I have added brown eyeliner to my regime. I find brown is a bit more gentle on my eyes as black is just too harsh on my face (something I wish I would have realised back in high school where a smokey eye was my go to. Uh oh). I also find that the brown actually makes my eyes really pop, I find when I apply it my eyes look much bluer. So I thought it would be about time I tried out some powders to compliment the liner. I have heard rave reviews around the naked palettes & after doing some research I really like the colours in the Naked 2 palette as I found there is more range than the 1st & the 3rd palette is more dusky pink tones which don't suit me.

How amazing is this product!? I need to get my hands on this asap! I have been using a Bourjouis liquid bronzer applied with a concealer brush for contouring but as its a long process I only use it for nights out. This contour stick seems so easy & quick to use! Just draw on & blend!

Along with the contour stick, I need this too (oh when did I get so materialistic?). But seriously I love the idea of these sticks. I am currently using a Bodyshop Illuminator in a tube, but a stick seems like less wastage to me!

I feel like I'm following the crowd here as I have heard a lot of hype around this! But I really love the sound of it. Exfoliating and oxygenating toner. Sounds great. It might also help me to get toning in my routine permanently as it's the one thing I always forget!

I am a huge fan of Aesop & I love this hand balm. Because of the price tag I usually find myself using it so I don't waste it! Plus my hands are grateful & feather soft after every use.

I adore this product! I am coming to the last of mine. I brush this all over my face once I applied my foundation & it gives a lovely light look without being too pigment heavy & giving your face a "Twilight" look.

Oh man. This is by far the most beautiful perfume I have ever smelt. I was recently given samples of Tom Fords Velvet Orchid, Black Orchid, & White Patchouli, & Black orchid blew my mind. I have worn it non stop & need to invest in a bottle.

What's everyone else lusting after?

Rose & Muse


Rotating Favourites:: 3

So here are some more of my favourites!

Number 1


Marianna is one of my favourite daily reads. A blogger in Helsinki Finland that shares lifestyle & beautiful outfit photos. I love Marianna's snaps that capture her day & events, I feel she brings out my girly side haha.

Number 2


Where would I be without Kate's blog? Although I have only recently found Ghostparties, I fell hard in love. Kate's photography is crisp and perfect. I love her posts which vary from beauty, to interior, & even "Shelfies".

Number 3 

The Londoner

Oh Rose. How I would love a day in her shoes. Or hair. Rose's life is very envious, with spontaneous trips all over the world with friends or her mum, life is never boring.

Number 4


I have been following James from the start! I remember refreshing probably every five minutes because I couldn't get enough. Since those days her family has gradually grown & I am still here hitting refresh. I love the portraits of her children, Birdy is too cute.

Number 5 

Pink Bow

I fell in love with Pauline's photography many moons ago when I started my first blog! I still adore her dusty & eye catching photography & her interior posts.

Number 6

The Tea Drinking English Rose

Charlotte is a dear. In one word her blog is beautiful. Everything about it is pretty from the layout, to the words, to the pictures. I can't get enough of her wedding planning. Check out her beautiful handmade bridesmaids invites & Etsy shop whilst you're there! 

So there are some of my faves of the moment!
Rose & Muse


Bodyshop Products

I grabbed a few bits from the Bodyshop the other day. I have been after some skincare products to add to my routine.

Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet

I bought this moisturiser purely because I loved the texture as soon as I saw it. I love it. After the first use I was hooked. This product is great on my skin which is normal/sensitive, I love that it leaves a cooling/tingling effect that leaves my face fresh and tingling after use. I have a Bodyshop Face brush which I use in the shower and then apply this moisturiser afterwards & it feels amazing. Like a little facial. 

Tea Tree Pore Minimiser

I noticed lately that my pores are huge. I can't say that without thinking of Mean Girls haha. But yes as unflattering as it is I prefer a smooth base applying my foundation. So I wanted to check out this product. I love the smell of tea tree & love that it feels extra soothing on my face. 

I adore this cleanser. Before I go to bed I use a Micellar water to remove my make up, then with a pump of this oil I smother my face & get to work with a cotton pad. I feel that I am very thorough with the micellar water (I use until my cotton pad is clean) but I find that this oil goes deep & I love the silky feel finish.

I really don't like flannels. I haven't used them in years actually but I thought I would give it all a go again. I liked the sound of this cloth & I love how it leaves my skin feeling exfoliated & buffed after removing cleanser.

Anyone else use these products?

Rose & Muse 


What I've been wearing lately

I have a new found love for Spring! I don't know if I have ever felt this grateful for the rays of sunshine Chester has been blessed with this week! Aside from British weather being British weather, (where it started to snow Tuesday morning then by 12 I was outside in the sun with my coat off for the first time in probably 6 months) this week has been a lovely one. I have even needed to purchase some new sunglasses as it has been so sunny I nearly walked into a lampost the other day (doh). Oh & these lighter days. I love waking up to sunshine & actually being able to see where I'm going (going to & finishing work in the dark is never fun).

In light of this beautiful weather Spring has sprung, I have delved into my wardrobe to find some suitable clothes (seeing as I am getting too hot in my scarf & coat right now!). I thought I would put together some outfits I have been wearing these past few days via Polyvore.






I cannot wait to permanently be in blazers & trenches again & actually be warm! Apparently next week it's going to be 16 Degrees over here! Can you tell I'm excited!?

Anyone else feelin' the warmer weather?


Getting to know you

Hello there! 
(Please excuse this huuuuuge photo)

I thought that it was about time I did a little "About me" on here aside from my About page. When I read my favourite blogs, you get to know the bloggers through their blogs, a bit of their personality & who they are. I feel I hide a lot on here & don't show myself that often in pictures (this doesn't mean I'm going to start spamming you with my face), I just want a more personal feel to the blog & I thought I would do a little 10 things about me post.

So here we are:

1. I have currently just moved to the City of Chester with my boyfriend & we now share a beautiful one bedroom flat in the heart of the center.

2. My boyfriend Mathieu is a French sous chef who makes the best cheese souffle in the world. We met in a Michelin Star restaurant & have been together for two years now. I love making fun of his accent.

3. I am an only child. I had everything as a child but all I really wanted was siblings.

4. I love reading classic books. I read Anna Karenina when I was 13 & fell in love with Russian literature.

5. I work in a nursery in the week where I am key worker to 18 children.

6. I was born & bred in South Wales in a small grimy town. When I was 18 I moved to a small village with my mum to set up a small vintage business with her. It was a very rural farming town with a population of 250 people & the nearest town, city, shop was an hour and a half away.

7. I don't drive. I get far too easily distracted.

8. When I left school I went to college to do Photography. I hated the photoshop part & realised that the course wasn't for me. I then went on to do Hair & media make up which I loved. I loved the special effects part & body painting but it got really expensive as I was 17/18 & had no job! 

9. I am a cat person. 

10. Mathieu & I are saving our pennies to move to France. We plan to settle down in Nice, Buy a house & then travel. I also plan to open a small shop/boutique (which hopefully turns out like an Etsy shop just not online haha) filled with wonderful treasures.

So that is just a little bit about me! I love reading these on other peoples blogs & thought I would give it a go! 

Rose & Muse


DIY:: Marble Table


Before I moved to Chester I started planning out what I needed & had furniture wise. I knew I was in desperate need of bedside tables, a sofa, & a coffee table. As we were on a small budget, I really didn't even want to spend £40 on two plain looking bedside tables from Ikea or a standard coffee table that lacked character. Luckily for me, mother dearest stepped in & luckily gifted me a coffee table & two bedside tables that had been hanging around the storerooms of her vintage shop. I was grateful that I got them for free but you can easily pick up great pieces via eBay, charity shops, tipping ground etc. which would have been my next stop if I had not had a good mother bear haha. 

Anyway the coffee table that she gave me wasn't the decor I had in mind (see here for the real before pic) being green & floral. So I grabbed a tin of white paint & gave it a few licks of paint. I then saw this on Pinterest & thought I would give it a go. I ordered the marble adhesive paper here from Amazon for about £9 & I have lots left over which will come in handy for future projects. I peeled the back off the paper & voila! I have a nice new marbled coffee table! I got lucky with the table as it has a glass table top so it sits nicely on top of the marble.

Easy peasy.


Apologies for the photo quality I am having to make do with an Iphone at present.

What do you all think?

Rose & Muse