New year, New home, New place

On the 3rd of January Matt & I moved into our very own little flat in Chester. This is my view every morning when I walk to my new job.

We are settling in nicely although we are currently waiting on a new sofa & broadband which is taking forever! Hence the long absence on here (doh). 

I have really missed living in a busy city. The rural Welsh town where I have lived these past tree years has consisted of nothing but boredom & sheep aside from the one good factor which was meeting matt. 

The sound of rowdy bars beneath us, & the rush of traffic is actually really welcoming as I feel as though I have been listening to nothing but sheep bleating & crickets chirping, so it's nice to have signs of life again. 

Has anyone else visited Chester before? 
I can't quite get over how lovely it is.

Rose & Muse

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