Ah the New Year is here!

I love New Year. It starts with a party & ends with a new clean slate, can't get better than that! 

Now I never ever make resolutions. Never had & thought I never would until now.

No. 1

Join a Gym

Looking at the above list you are probably thinking "Oh how cliche, join a gym", but that is something that I am really looking forward too. I have never in my life been a fitness fanatic but this year I really want prove to myself that I can eat clean & be fit. I am the first person to over indulge & carry on nibbling even when I can no longer move & I'm carrying a serious food baby. After researching a few fitness blogs I realised that keeping fit doesn't have to be a chore & I am quite excited to make it a lifestyle especially after witnessing the deteriorating health of my grandparents (& not fitting in to cute dresses, boo) it has really driven my motivation. 

No. 2

Eat Healthier

As mentioned previously I really want to start eating a bit cleaner. I'm a vegetarian & I don't drink a lot of sugary drinks, but I make up for that by always finding an excuse to eat pizza 3 times a week, by eating that "Just one more" pringle, & the chips that I shove in the oven when I finish work because I am too tired. This year I will be making a serious effort to watch what I'm eating & actually gain a healthy eating lifestyle. 

No. 3

Make a DIY box

I'm moving house this week & that means I can finally paint & make a huge mess in my own house without my mother breathing down my neck to clean up now! (sorry mum). Alas this also means that I can no longer venture to her house, upstairs to her art room & "borrow" her paints,scissors, glue, paper, boxes, glitter, fabric (anything really from that magical room of wonder) which I so relied on when doing my diys. So I have made a decision this year (especially that I want to save & do more diys for the new flat!) to put together a box full of crafty things so I can just get on with some more Diys for this space. 

No. 4

Read more

I used to read a lot, but working full time in the day, & also having a part time job in the evenings proves hard to sit down & get comfy with a book, when all I want is a big glass of wine, food,  to quickly read my daily blogs, & then sleep. This year I'm thinking of leaving my blog reading for my day off & read my books before I go to bed instead. 

No. 5

Practise French

Mat & I want to move to France after our year's contract is up on this new flat. Hopefully we will be moving to Nice! I have always wanted to leave the UK, & Mat can't wait to go home. We can't wait but I refuse to move until I am fluent, I do not want to work in France & not speak the language. I have a basic vocabulary & strangely enough can understand conversations but cannot string together a single sentence, except for this Je voudrais de vin sil vou plait, which is a necessity when in France ;)

No. 6

Get a Phone 

I treated myself for Christmas!

No. 7 

Buy a Camera

Now, I should add a laptop to the end of this list too. You see I am cursed when it comes to technology. When I break something it kind of triggers this domino effect where all my gadgets & gizmos all decide to break or give up on me. For example when I dropped my phone & it broke, a few days later my ipad died, then my camera went on the blink, & now my laptop has decided that the keyboard needs a rest & will no longer type. I feel like I am always replacing some kind of technology. So this year I have decided that I am going to invest in a good camera, & laptop that also comes with insurance. 

Is anyone else making any resolutions this year? 

Rose & Muse 

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