Getting to know you

Hello there! 
(Please excuse this huuuuuge photo)

I thought that it was about time I did a little "About me" on here aside from my About page. When I read my favourite blogs, you get to know the bloggers through their blogs, a bit of their personality & who they are. I feel I hide a lot on here & don't show myself that often in pictures (this doesn't mean I'm going to start spamming you with my face), I just want a more personal feel to the blog & I thought I would do a little 10 things about me post.

So here we are:

1. I have currently just moved to the City of Chester with my boyfriend & we now share a beautiful one bedroom flat in the heart of the center.

2. My boyfriend Mathieu is a French sous chef who makes the best cheese souffle in the world. We met in a Michelin Star restaurant & have been together for two years now. I love making fun of his accent.

3. I am an only child. I had everything as a child but all I really wanted was siblings.

4. I love reading classic books. I read Anna Karenina when I was 13 & fell in love with Russian literature.

5. I work in a nursery in the week where I am key worker to 18 children.

6. I was born & bred in South Wales in a small grimy town. When I was 18 I moved to a small village with my mum to set up a small vintage business with her. It was a very rural farming town with a population of 250 people & the nearest town, city, shop was an hour and a half away.

7. I don't drive. I get far too easily distracted.

8. When I left school I went to college to do Photography. I hated the photoshop part & realised that the course wasn't for me. I then went on to do Hair & media make up which I loved. I loved the special effects part & body painting but it got really expensive as I was 17/18 & had no job! 

9. I am a cat person. 

10. Mathieu & I are saving our pennies to move to France. We plan to settle down in Nice, Buy a house & then travel. I also plan to open a small shop/boutique (which hopefully turns out like an Etsy shop just not online haha) filled with wonderful treasures.

So that is just a little bit about me! I love reading these on other peoples blogs & thought I would give it a go! 

Rose & Muse


DIY:: Marble Table


Before I moved to Chester I started planning out what I needed & had furniture wise. I knew I was in desperate need of bedside tables, a sofa, & a coffee table. As we were on a small budget, I really didn't even want to spend £40 on two plain looking bedside tables from Ikea or a standard coffee table that lacked character. Luckily for me, mother dearest stepped in & luckily gifted me a coffee table & two bedside tables that had been hanging around the storerooms of her vintage shop. I was grateful that I got them for free but you can easily pick up great pieces via eBay, charity shops, tipping ground etc. which would have been my next stop if I had not had a good mother bear haha. 

Anyway the coffee table that she gave me wasn't the decor I had in mind (see here for the real before pic) being green & floral. So I grabbed a tin of white paint & gave it a few licks of paint. I then saw this on Pinterest & thought I would give it a go. I ordered the marble adhesive paper here from Amazon for about £9 & I have lots left over which will come in handy for future projects. I peeled the back off the paper & voila! I have a nice new marbled coffee table! I got lucky with the table as it has a glass table top so it sits nicely on top of the marble.

Easy peasy.


Apologies for the photo quality I am having to make do with an Iphone at present.

What do you all think?

Rose & Muse


New In

I had a little beauty splurge on payday this month! 

I was in dire need of some new things & thought I'd share my purchases. 

So here I have purchased my first ever Clinique mascara, which is lash doubling & I love it! Once used with lash curlers it gives a long natural look. I also grabbed a creme blush from Stila which is called Lillium. I ran out of my Benefit Coralista which is powdered & as I'm not a big fan of powder on my face, I prefer a dewy look rather than a matte look, I thought I would have another go at cream blush. I have owned this before but my last purchase was called Peony but I assume it's been discontinued as there were only six colours available. I also bought this Neutrogena grapefruit scrub. One being because it smells divine & Two, I have run out of exfoliator scrub. My favourite thing about my whole skincare regime is exfoliating my face. I love a good face scrub full of bits that aren't too harsh on the skin & leave you smelling lovely, buffed, & fresh, which is exactly how this product leaves me. Next is the La Roche-Posay Duo Effaclar which I have heard rave reviews about & cannot wait to try!

Anyone else have any recent beauty splurges?

Rose & Muse