DIY:: Marble Table


Before I moved to Chester I started planning out what I needed & had furniture wise. I knew I was in desperate need of bedside tables, a sofa, & a coffee table. As we were on a small budget, I really didn't even want to spend £40 on two plain looking bedside tables from Ikea or a standard coffee table that lacked character. Luckily for me, mother dearest stepped in & luckily gifted me a coffee table & two bedside tables that had been hanging around the storerooms of her vintage shop. I was grateful that I got them for free but you can easily pick up great pieces via eBay, charity shops, tipping ground etc. which would have been my next stop if I had not had a good mother bear haha. 

Anyway the coffee table that she gave me wasn't the decor I had in mind (see here for the real before pic) being green & floral. So I grabbed a tin of white paint & gave it a few licks of paint. I then saw this on Pinterest & thought I would give it a go. I ordered the marble adhesive paper here from Amazon for about £9 & I have lots left over which will come in handy for future projects. I peeled the back off the paper & voila! I have a nice new marbled coffee table! I got lucky with the table as it has a glass table top so it sits nicely on top of the marble.

Easy peasy.


Apologies for the photo quality I am having to make do with an Iphone at present.

What do you all think?

Rose & Muse

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