Rotating Favourites:: 3

So here are some more of my favourites!

Number 1


Marianna is one of my favourite daily reads. A blogger in Helsinki Finland that shares lifestyle & beautiful outfit photos. I love Marianna's snaps that capture her day & events, I feel she brings out my girly side haha.

Number 2


Where would I be without Kate's blog? Although I have only recently found Ghostparties, I fell hard in love. Kate's photography is crisp and perfect. I love her posts which vary from beauty, to interior, & even "Shelfies".

Number 3 

The Londoner

Oh Rose. How I would love a day in her shoes. Or hair. Rose's life is very envious, with spontaneous trips all over the world with friends or her mum, life is never boring.

Number 4


I have been following James from the start! I remember refreshing probably every five minutes because I couldn't get enough. Since those days her family has gradually grown & I am still here hitting refresh. I love the portraits of her children, Birdy is too cute.

Number 5 

Pink Bow

I fell in love with Pauline's photography many moons ago when I started my first blog! I still adore her dusty & eye catching photography & her interior posts.

Number 6

The Tea Drinking English Rose

Charlotte is a dear. In one word her blog is beautiful. Everything about it is pretty from the layout, to the words, to the pictures. I can't get enough of her wedding planning. Check out her beautiful handmade bridesmaids invites & Etsy shop whilst you're there! 

So there are some of my faves of the moment!
Rose & Muse

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