What I've been wearing lately

I have a new found love for Spring! I don't know if I have ever felt this grateful for the rays of sunshine Chester has been blessed with this week! Aside from British weather being British weather, (where it started to snow Tuesday morning then by 12 I was outside in the sun with my coat off for the first time in probably 6 months) this week has been a lovely one. I have even needed to purchase some new sunglasses as it has been so sunny I nearly walked into a lampost the other day (doh). Oh & these lighter days. I love waking up to sunshine & actually being able to see where I'm going (going to & finishing work in the dark is never fun).

In light of this beautiful weather Spring has sprung, I have delved into my wardrobe to find some suitable clothes (seeing as I am getting too hot in my scarf & coat right now!). I thought I would put together some outfits I have been wearing these past few days via Polyvore.






I cannot wait to permanently be in blazers & trenches again & actually be warm! Apparently next week it's going to be 16 Degrees over here! Can you tell I'm excited!?

Anyone else feelin' the warmer weather?

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