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As I have only just moved into my new little flat in January, it's still missing some character. I thought I would compile a wishlist of what I would love to get around to buying this month.

1. A cute house bedside light
2. A Herringbone throw for the sofa to keep me cosy
3.A cute washing basket
4. My place is in dire need of a bar cart!
5. Some pretty baskets for the bathroom to hold my 100+ product containers
6. Some pretty cool coasters
7. Everybody likes a candle
8. I always need some plant life going on in my home

Anyone else have any suggestions?

Rose & Muse


Word: #1

I thought I would do a little "quote post" every now & then as I see these on Pinterest & they always make me lift my chin.

I adore this quote. It's always something I remind myself of when I'm feeling down.

Do any of you have any favourite quotes?

Rose & Muse 


Oh The Places You'll Go!: Amsterdam

I have decided to do a little series on the places I have travelled to & other places I want to travel to! Just naming some beautiful countries/places that I have been lucky enough to visit & some that are once in a life time chances. I thought would be nice to share parts of the world with you all. 

I decided to go with Amsterdam for my first post & although I have only been there twice, that city has stolen my heart! The second time I went back (Read here) It honestly felt like I had never left! I remembered the little cobblestone streets & bridges & was able to help direct my friends. I would highly recommend going in Summer rather than winter, as walking down the streets & lazing in parks feasting on dutch cheese & wine is the best in the sun & flowery streets.

I plan to take a little trip here every year now as it is so cheap to get there from Britain (although it may not be that cheap Dam, those Euros are costly) & to make it a yearly tradition, whether it's with my boyfriend Mathieu, with friends, or by myself. It is really a gorgeous city & I can't wait to go again!

Next time I hope to visit:

Anne Franks Huis

Rent a bike (I was too scared last time!)

Visit De Pijp - A renowned neighbour hood full of indie shops

Vondelpark - Haven't been yet!

Red Light District - (Again) Honestly a fascinating place & THE most safest in Amsterdam apparently!

Street Art on Spuistraat - Amsterdam has some of the coolest street art! I always had my camera ready

Harlemmerstraat - (Again) A street full of cool little boutiques

Has anyone else been to Amsterdam?

Rose & Muse 

Happy Easter

Hope you all have a lovely day 


Playlist: 5 songs

Just a few songs that are on repeat this week! Anyone have any others I could add? 

Rose & Muse