My Most Worn Jewellery

I thought I would share my most worn jewellery on here today. When I was younger I used to despise gold jewellery. I guess it's because of the fact you got labelled as a "chav" in my school if you wore gold, & all I wore was silver necklaces. Oh how times have changed. I am now trying to build a collection of fine gold jewellery. I love delicate necklaces & bracelets but unfortunately I can't wear them every day (problems of a preschool teacher). So far I only have a few bits but I can't wait to extend. 

In the photo above, the agate pendent is one of my favourites. I found it for 50p in a charity shop with a friend when I was 15 & I kept it ever since. The triangle earrings are by The Vamoose, Check out their website, they have gorgeous stuff! The two bangles are from H&M & my go to's for a night out.

The Above are my favourites. The earrings are raw, conflict free diamonds that my boyfriend bought me for our first christmas together. The necklace says "I make my own luck" & I count that as my lucky charm & wear it daily. Next is the tiny gold skull bracelet by Iwona Ludyga. Her jewellery is stunning & I can't wait to add more to my collection. I bought this with my first ever paycheck.

Last of all is my Sailors Love Knot ring that Mathieu bought me for our 1st anniversary. Kinda mushy but he's very sweet. 

I would love to add more to my collection especially a Daniel Wellington watch which is next on my cards.

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