A Little Home Tour

Back in January Mathieu & I moved into our first little flat in the heart of Chester city centre. We reside in a one bedroom flat with a small bathroom & kitchen & also a walk in closet (I love it).

Unfortunately we don't have the best view, just some alleyways & the backs of restaurants & shops but it's a cosy place for two & after moving here from the middle of nowhere, I LOVE being able to walk across the street to go & get milk instead of an hours journey just to do some shopping. It really is heaven. I love this little city. It has so much culture due to the Roman settlement, Deva, bringing tourists from all over! & it's full of quirky little places & amazing restaurants! I really need to show you the pancake house I found here (it's a dream!).

As we have been here for six months now (how is that possible!!???) & we just renewed our contract for a year I thought I would show a little glimpse of our humble abode, as I douse this space to document bit of my life, it only makes sense haha.

Above is a corner of our living room which is pretty bare due to us renting & being unable to put things on the walls which really sucks. I just try to brighten up the place by putting flowers everywhere. 

Yeah I have a lot of knick knacks (junk) I have hoarded over the years.

This is our little bedroom. The room is basically just a wall sectioning off part of the living room so we have little window like indents around the wall which is pretty but as I found out the hard way, difficult getting changed when you have people over haha!

The door above leads to a very narrow walk in closet which isn't very glamorous & is full of rails & drawers so I'll spare you.

Mother dearest bought us the sugar & cream jars for Christmas, I love them.

So there is a little glimpse at my home for now. Mathieu & I are planning on staying here for a few years & then we want to relocate to Mathieu's home town of Antibes. I have no complaints there & cannot wait to move! So until we get saving & move our bums this cosy flat will have to do!

Rose & Muse

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