Grumpy Skin

I recently purchased this Vitamin C moisturiser from The Bodyshop & I am in love. I moisturise every morning when I wake up & I am always looking for that extra glow. So when I walked past the Bodyshop on the way to work the other day the poster for this little pot really stood out for me. Dull, tired, & grumpy skin? That's my skin in a nutshell right now, so the next day I went in & bought it. 

This moisturiser has the tangy but subtle smell of camu camu berries (Which smell orangey) & I smother my face first thing with a small dollop. I love that this product glides on silkily & does not leave your face sticky (a must when using moistuiser). 

I do love this product but will I buy it again or go back to TBS Vitamin E aqua sorbet purely because I love the texture? It's a hard one haha!

Has anyone else tried this yet? 

Rose & Muse

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