Well hello there!

I am finally back from my weird little blogging break. 

I stopped blogging last August. I admitted defeat and realised that I had temporarily lost my "blogging mojo" not sure that I ever really had one before but there you go, that's what it felt like at the time. 

A lot of things got in the way I guess. In September I started university! Better late than never right? Where I now study early years and working with children. I also lost a loved one in September. My first ever funeral and the first time I've had to say goodbye to a grandparent, which considering I'm in my early twenties and still had all four grandparents is pretty lucky. I then visited Greece for the first time in October and Mathieu and I spent our third christmas together which was pretty sweet. In January I started a new job and I am absolutely loving it. So it's been pretty hectic but I really needed a break.

Also I finally got around to buying some new tech equipment (which is pretty useful when blogging aha), as I've mentioned on here before I'm useless with technology. I have a domino effect curse when it comes to these things, for example if something happens to my laptop it all goes down hill from there, my camera goes, my phone will break, my iPad will stop working. It always happens. So in October I took the plunge and invested in a Macbook Air. I don't personally believe that you need such an expensive computer for blogging but I have been after this computer since I took a photography course back in 2011 and fell in love. I also invested in a brand spanking new point and shoot camera which I LOVE. After snapping the lens off my samsung at the start of the holiday in Greece, oops (told you), I knew it was time to get something worthwhile. As much as I love a good DSLR I  just don't like to drag them around as they are so bulky but my new little friend, the Sony DSCrx100 is great for just whipping out and shooting. Plus it's pretty.

So there we have it. A little summary of my whereabouts and some new investments. I can't wait to start uploading my photos again.

Also Happy Belated 2016!!!!



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  1. I really enjoyed this post, wonderful pictures! Good luck with your work and blogging<3 xx



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