Le Tour Eifel

Okay so this is a tiny post compared to the others & I wasn't going to include them but what's a trip to Paris without the tower? Lucy & I spent a few hours across from the tower dipping our toes in the pools below the military school, sipping on cold water and licking ice creams and snacking on Ladureé macaroons. It was a beautiful day & I often sit at work thinking about how peaceful it was. It was my second visit & I promised myself that I would go to the top but the queues were ridiculous and the heat unbearable so once again I told myself next time I will plan it properly & go to the top & treat myself to the restaurant while I'm there. 

Has anyone else been to the top or to the restaurant before?



  1. I have never been to Paris before, I have probably driven very close to it but never actually visited the city, it's so beautiful :)

    Meme xx

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