Pere Lachaise: Black and white

I couldn't resist taking photo's of Pere Lachaise in black & white as I was walking around. I juggled my phone, my samsung camera, & my iPad as I went around (I only used my iPad to save using all the battery on my phone) & I just couldn't stop. As I was taking a photo I realised that it would look perfect in B&W. I hope you like these shots although I do sincerely apologise for the quality! 

Probably the scariest thing in the whole of the cemetery! 

Meet Victor Noire. He is famous for being dead after challenging someone for a duel. A local told me that if a woman rubs the graves crotch & places flowers in the hat she will be married within a year! I passed on this haha but I'm still not married.

What do you think? Are they haunting or beautiful?




  1. These photos are incredible and really well taken, there black and white makes them so haunting!

    Carolyn x
    Carolyn’s Simple Life

  2. Beautifully haunting and hauntingly beautiful. Love it. "Crematorium" has to be my favourite.


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