Une journée au Père Lachaise (A day in Pere Lachaise)

Something that has been on my bucket list since high school, was visiting Pere Lachaise. I know... a bit weird & morbid to some but I went through a gothic phase in school, I didn't go the whole shebang & go crazy with the eyeliner, moods, & corsets haha although I probably would if I could've pull it off, but I became obsessed with gothic literature such as Charlotte Perkins-Gilman, Joanne Harris, & of course the gothic god, Edgar Allan Poe, who's stories I adore & named my cat after (lol). I always had a soft spot for gothic things (Check out my first ever board on Pinterest! haha) and knew I had to visit. Most places in France appeared to have gothic architecture such as Notre Dame but Pere Lachaise beat it 100x over.

I was blown away by the size of the place, the gardens, the alleys, the hidden pathways, it was beautiful & never ending.

Forgive the photo of me but it was absolutely boiling when we visited so I was dying from the humidity & I can't remember the last time I wore a dress haha! Yes, I am actually having a selfie with a grave.. that's one I've never done before... But this is the tomb of Heloise & Abelard, the french version of Romeo & Juliet. Read their story here.

Finally I found Oscars grave, which has recently had a case put around it & all the lipstick kisses cleaned off, which I personally think is a shame. People had left little notes inside the case from all around the world.

We then found Jim Morrisons hidden in an alley which was so crowded & had a fence around it that did nothing to protect it as a teenage guy jumped over the fence to kiss the grave.

 & last but not least I found Edith. I actually loved this lady. When I bought my first old record player at a car boot sale, along with it came the previous owners collection which was pretty good as it contained the Beatles, Aretha, & Edith. I had never heard her music before except on films & I fell in love. I then watched Marion Cotillard's portrayal of her in the film & adored it. So it was pretty interesting to her grave here.

Has anyone else been here? What did you think? 



  1. Such beautiful photo's, France is a beautiful country and I would love to visit again sometime this year.

    Meme xx

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  2. Thank you! It really is beautiful! I hope I can too haha!xx

  3. Oscar Wilde's grave, oh my god!! Edith Piaf's voice gives me goosebumps, I love her and Marion Cotillard was fantastic in her role!

  4. i love exploring cemeteries and père lachaise has definitely been on my list of places to visit once i get myself to paris! i love the photos in both of your posts on the cemetery. cemeteries are just so hauntingly beautiful and this truly seems like it's worth the exploration! and there's so many well-known graves as well as other interesting-looking ones! xx


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