Fish Guard

Back in April my step brother came home from Oz for a few weeks. Straight away my step mum frantically organised a family get together, out of their hometown Cardiff, and was determined that we would all be there (mainly me who is all the way up in chester). A house was booked, dates arranged and next thing I knew I was on a train down to Cardiff to meet my family sans my french man to go on our way to the seaside. Fishguard to be exact, a small seaside town with rocky countryside roads on the coast of Pembrokeshire. About a good 4/5 hours drive from Cardiff where I sat in the back of the car with my stepbrother, famously asking "are we there yet" even in our twenties and finishing my book in the time frame, something I haven't done in months.

When we arrived we showed ourselves into this beautiful blue building in the harbour. Everyone adored it but I was more entranced by the port. After living in a town centre all my life, then moving to the countryside for three years, and then moving once again to flats above a loud city centre, hearing the sea is a welcoming sound. I spent all my childhood summers in Scotland, always on the islands where I was never far from the sea. After not being near it for so many years the nostalgia hit me hard, the call of the gulls, the salty, tangy air and the calming waves. Is there anything better?

The house was beautiful and I didn't realise how much I missed these British, or in this case Welsh, seaside towns. My dad purposely got the house because it had no wifi, much to my stepbrothers , girlfriends horror but strangely welcoming to me. I took the bedroom at the back where the only thing I missed was sharing the place with my French boy. As we live in the city, in a one bedroomed flat above the noisy streets and wafts of coffee shops and clatter of restaurants which I have become accustomed to the noiseless roads of this town were almost unnerving but calmed me none the less. 

The open kitchen was my favourite, all of us clamouring in, cooking, making drinks, stealing food, being shooed out of the way by our parents gave me a sense of home which I feel like  haven't had in years.

And although in this typically British weather none of us lasted long sitting outside, where the sun was shined but the icy April winds still shook us. Hopefully in the summer this balcony will be more welcomed as the views of the harbour are beautiful and one can see every inch.

So this was our house for the next few days. We spent our mornings sleeping in and then rousing ourselves for a late breakfast, then all jumping into cars, getting lost down backroads (although my father will never say so), seeing what Fishguard had to offer in the name of beaches, quarries, treks and most importantly pubs. After all these years of telling myself I'm a city girl, deep down I know I crave the sea. 

   Have you been to Fishguard? Have you ever stayed on the coast?



My Bullet Journal

The Bullet Journal

Has anyone else jumped on the bandwagon? I did in January. I'll let you in on a secret. I am horrendously unorganised. I am always late, & always miss/forget about everything in my life. I am in my early 20's & this is the first time I have ever had a diary/planner/organiser.  I have always loved the idea of a filofax but upon buying one didn't realise how uncomfortable they were to write in not to mention how limited they are to actually write/record your life in. I have tried numerous ways from planners to pretty little diaries but never put them to good use as I found they just never worked for me. But behold! I started to see these little words pop up everywhere: Bullet Journal. 

Now I am a lover of all things stationary so as soon as I heard journal I clicked on all the links & one finally lead me to this video of how & what a Bullet Journal is. Ryder Carrol is my main dude who came up with the concept of "rapid logging" where he chose any notebook and made exactly that. Notes. Bullet points on his day, appointments & upcoming tasks. I remember bookmarking his site & coming back to it after the new year when I thought I would give it a go & oh man has it changed my life.

I have loved every single second of documenting 2016 so far in my journal. I love that it is so versatile, how I can tailor the pages to anything I want. That I can be creative or minimal with the layouts, it just works to your own needs. So on the first of January I walked to Paperchase & bought myself a nice new diary (Bridget Jones style) a nice squared Moleskine. Some people I've noted prefer a Leuchtturm note book that has been designed with the bullet journal in mind. As I am a very impatient person I did not want to order one online & have to wait so I bought a notebook straight away. I personally like the choice of a Moleskine even though I haven't tried another planner yet, when I finish this one I think I might give the Leuchtturm a try. 

So here is my little tour of my take on the Bullet Journal.

Here are my essentials whilst planning & drawing in the journal. To write with I use these Black erasable Frixion pens as they are easy to use & when I make mistakes when drawing the layouts of my planner its no biggie as I can just rub it out (I'll just note that this was an ingenious idea for first starting my journal out as I made a few mistakes!). I like to colour my planner so I found using these Stabilo pens really brightened up the pages. The little rulered book of sticky tabs I bought in London at Tiger, I noticed lots of people like to use these but I have yet to really put them to good use in my planner. & last but not least, good ol' Washi tape. You just can't deny that this stuff looks good on anything. I picked up these from Etsy, Ebay & Tiger.

On my first page I covered the Moleskine introductory page & made my own. I wanted to make it pretty whilst also ensuring that it can be returned to me if lost.

I added the 2016 at the front a few months after starting as I realised I missed a page & it did't say the year! Gasp! The 2016 is a print out from Pinterest.

I also knew that as I wanted this journal to be personal & creative I wanted to put a quote in so that I saw something positive whenever I opened it. This is my most favourite quote by Voltaire which basically signifies to me that there's always something to be happy/grateful about even if things aren't going your way.

Now this little tidbit is what makes the Bullet Journal so unique. If you watched the Introductory video above then you will have noted that Ryder Carrol makes this system work by giving it a key or legend if you prefer. I saw this little hack on Pinterest, to make the key into a flip section so that you can use see it when working on your pages & not have to flip back & forth to look at it.

Right lets really get started, usually the first thing you see when opening the Journal. Your contents. I just followed Ryder Carroll here & copied the pages he used first of all. So my journal starts with a plan of the year ahead and then I go on to the current month.

The calendar stickers are from paper chase, about six in a packet for 1.99 I think. I think I might draw them next time but I do like the stickers.

I then drew out boxes for the month & labelled in important dates such as birthdays, holidays, & recurring dates so that I can come back to see when setting up the month in my planner.

I then draw out a full month calendar, I prefer to do it this way too asI just find it easier to see a monthly view. 

I then started to do a goal page for January & a blog one to give me an idea on starting to personalise it & tailor the journal to things I use & do.

I then moved on to my "weekly organiser". I saw this layout on Pinterest as I wasn't really a fan of Ryders list as I didn't find it gave much space for me to write things down & this way was a bit more personal. I liked the idea of having a timeline & a water tracker & space to write about the day.

I then had a page on my University as I needed to remember things such as my login details which are so complicated & I get wrong every time! I also made a university goal page & try to look at it every time I want to drop out haha!

Now this one is a wee bit OCD but I saw it on Pinterest & it just looked so organised. I will tell you now that I only live in a one bedroomed flat so it's pretty easy to clean but... unfortunately thats not the case. We are so lazy so this seemed a good way to keep motivated & on top & I am actually quite surprised to say it works!

Now I am an avid wishlist maker. Oh If only it was a job! There are many of these in this planner haha! Also a wee address book as I am awful at remembering them!

I wanted to add a little page on my favourite shops but still haven't added many! If I could I would just say Etsy as I love everything on it & is always my go to!

A little Books to read page. These are books that are sat on my bookcase that I really need to read this year!! Also some films that I really want to see.

I saw lots of these Gratitude logs on Pinterest & didn't want to miss it out as I feel as though it's tempting fate. I still need to fill this out too! Also a smaller backlist of things I really want to do.

Whilst looking at Bucket lists on Pinterest I came across this "100 goals in 10 years" I may never get around to them But I loved the idea! I still haven't got 100 there yet oops!

I then started to make a Home wishlist. We live in a one bed flat now as I mentioned before but I want to start buying things now as we are saving for a house.

I also tried to make a start at a capsule wardrobe... It doesn't really make sense here but I think I'd be good at it. I then printed out some outfit pictures for inspiration.

A much needed quote page. I'm all about the quotes. So pretty, motivational & mood lifting, every journal needs one.

I then added something that I have wanted to do for ages. Have you ever seen those scratch wall maps where you use a penny to scratch the countries that you've been to? Well I made a mini colour in one!

I had to add some french phrases... My boy is french so I'm trying to learn... unsuccessfully...

A much needed Beauty wishlist! I started to categorize my wish lists haha.

After a few months I thought I would give my layout a bit of a make over. At first I was quite reluctant to mess up my planner by not keeping it in order (OCD alert) but then thought just get over it & test the waters haha! I am so adventurous in the world of planning! I loved the turn out, this layout can be seen on Pinterest.

I love how minimal this layout is & also how quick it is to make when setting up which is always a bonus.

& last but not least I started to record my health goals. Just things I need to do to keep my healthy habits in check.

I even added in an exercise routine haha which I have yet to take notice of oops!

So there you have my first couple of months of my Bullet Journal. I can really see myself sticking to this system & can honestly thank it for being the reason I handed in assignments on time & people actually got cards on their birthdays!

Do you Bullet Journal? What are your thoughts?