Fishguard: Newport

After settling into our beautiful little seaside house, the next day we set off to explore one of the nearest towns named Newport. It's supposed to be about a thirty minute drive but we ended up taking an hour and a half as my father did one of his "scenic routes". It was such a beautiful little town, or should I say city? As it did home a Cathedral. We walked through the town popping in and out of the souvenir shops, stopping at an ice cream parlour where I took fancy to a fig, mascarpone, and rose petal ice cream (heaven in a cone). 


As we got to the bottom we found the Cathedral, I came here when I was a child and recognised it immediately. 

Also, meet Beau. He belongs to one of my step brothers. He joined us on our walk.

The grounds were huge and quite beautiful. Forgive me for not passing on much information about this Cathedral, I was only in there for five minutes as it was packed!

Isn't it beautiful though?



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