Fishguard: Newport

After settling into our beautiful little seaside house, the next day we set off to explore one of the nearest towns named Newport. It's supposed to be about a thirty minute drive but we ended up taking an hour and a half as my father did one of his "scenic routes". It was such a beautiful little town, or should I say city? As it did home a Cathedral. We walked through the town popping in and out of the souvenir shops, stopping at an ice cream parlour where I took fancy to a fig, mascarpone, and rose petal ice cream (heaven in a cone). 


As we got to the bottom we found the Cathedral, I came here when I was a child and recognised it immediately. 

Also, meet Beau. He belongs to one of my step brothers. He joined us on our walk.

The grounds were huge and quite beautiful. Forgive me for not passing on much information about this Cathedral, I was only in there for five minutes as it was packed!

Isn't it beautiful though?



Fishguard: Whitesands & Porth Gain

The day before our last we headed to the aptly named Whitesands Beach. It was freezing. As a child I would have been in that water before my mother could have shouted no but this time, as a twenty something I yielded. So I walked along the shoreline watching the waves steal my footprints for a change. It was a beautiful morning and the wind and water was choppy but once again I couldn't help feeling nostalgic for my childhood as I think this was the first time that I had not only been to the beach in years but it was odd visiting one without my labradors, who as a child happily ran beside my barefeet into the flotsam, who are now long gone with my childhood. It was strange walking into the rock pools where as a child I commandeered them, hanging off sharp edges, sticking my fingers into the anemones, and under rocks hoping to find a crab. This time I was barely able to steady my feet and not fall in them! Oh adulthood.

After walking along the shoreline I made a decision that when I am really older, I am going to live by the sea! I think it will be could for my health! And sanity! 

After taking off, back through the country lanes, and the scenic routes, our tummies started to rumble and we started on a quest for food. It was time for fish and chips which made me more than happy as I can safely say its one of my favourite foods! It was also one of my bargaining points to come on the trip in the beginning... We found ourselves in Porth Gain which translates to Fair or Beautiful port and I couldn't agree more. The Port was in use during the 1900s as an industrial port shipping to different quarries and was later abandoned.

We feasted on fish and chips from the little seaside bistro which didn't last long enough for a photo as we were all famished! Then whilst walking around the dock I found some steps that took one up to the hills and marched myself up to get a better view. 

It was so refreshing to stand in the rain, on a mountain side and to listen to the sea. I feel like I've been cooped up in the city for too long. It was wonderful.

After making our way home we had a wee snooze then got up in time for the local pub, where we listened to locals play in their bands and I studied the walls of the old pub at the old relics from the sea and listened to the locals stories. After wobbling home we crashed into bed and in the morning was sad to say goodbye to our new home. I didn't realise how much I needed the escape.

Have you got a favourite seaside town?