National Trust:: Erddig House

A few weeks ago Mother & I ventured off to one The National Trusts beautiful houses, Erddig, pronounced "er-thig" for the day. The last time I came here I was about six or seven but I could still remember the hallways of the house. When I was younger my parents would take me off to all the Cadw & National trust sites where my imagination ran amok. At the castles I would fight dragons, be a hero, a princess whatever I liked, & the houses lent me to imagine myself gliding down the corridors & gardens in ballgowns. Le sigh. To be that age again. 

Although I still do imagine myself at these sites all these years later, I no longer imagine myself as the princess but more where my place would have been. Would I have been lucky enough to be the lady of the house? The daughter whose duty it would be to marry right? Or would I have been one of the ladies tending to their needs below the stairs, changing their bedpans & tending to their fires?

Erddig is an estate that is located in Wrexham, Wales and is a beautiful little place if I do say so. The house is famous for the last family in regard to their relationship with the "staff below" who the family are pictured with and were always kind to which was unusual for back in the day. 

The reason this estate always lingered in my mind was because of these little blue bottles, The master of the house was afraid of encountering fire in his halls so made his own version of a fire extinguisher  & kept these blue bottles filled with water near the doorways.

The grounds & house was a lot smaller than I remember or maybe I'm getting old. We finished the tour of the house by heading out to the little potting shed cafe & feasted on a cream tea, with the cream on first like it should! Haha!

Have you been? Are you a fan of the National Trust?

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