Shorditch & Brick

Back in August my mother & I made a trip to London. I haven't had a day out in London with my mum before aside from family trips when I was a kid. This time it was my mum, her friend & daughter & I all away for the weekend. We stayed the night in The Hub, brother to the Premier Inn franchise, In Shoreditch as we got a great deal for two rooms & I was so impressed by the room. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the room as I wanted to spend as much time outside as I could. 

The room was comfy & new with bursts of green & lots of glass. I was most impressed by the rooms control panel which made me feel like I was on a spaceship aha. It was great to walk out of the hotel straight into the lazy calm coolness of Shorditch. I had never ventured into Shoreditch or Brick Lane before this trip but I fell quickly in love. As seen before on my blog I love to capture all the street art & Shoreditch was a gem! I even saw someone giving a guided tour of all the art & graffiti to a group at Spitalfields! Something I have added to my bucket list.

The main reason for our trip to London was to visit Columbia Road, the food for me & the flowers for my mum & friends. They all came to visit their friends shop, Jessie Chorley, for a meet up. Although I am not familiar with Jessie Chorley I have heard my mum rave about her & her work. I'll feature her & her shop in my next post. 

I know this post is picture heavy but that is what this little space is for, storing all my photos & memories.

Have you ever been to this part of London before? What are your thoughts?


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