A Hiatus

Hello again. It feels like an age since I blogged here. I well and truly had a bad case of bloggers block for what seems like two years. I’ve had posts sitting in my drafts for so long so I’ve just posted them because I love the photos and don’t want them just sitting there. It has taken me so long to get my focus back on this little space.

It’s horrible when you get stuck like this. I don’t even class myself as a blogger anymore. I just love to have an online presence (even though it’s been non existent as of late) and believe that everyone should have their own little piece of the internet to call theirs. I consider this place to be an online diary. To just document my little life, even though at times theres not that much going on in it. I still read every blog that I used to read when I was a teen & I have loved how they have all evolved. I took a long look at my blog and realised that I do love it. But I’m just going to put this little rut behind me and move on to a fresh new slate.

So to start things off I’ll give a small life update. Nothing has changed much. Mathieu, my partner, & I are saving our pennies for a house mortgage and a menagerie puppy. It has been so stressful and boring as I now restrict myself from spending because I just think of my future nest. But it has been hard going. Lots of days off spent at home or for a “treat” a couple of hours spent in a coffee shop having a date! No more nice new clothes, holidays, or Space NK splurges *Cries*. The hardest thing? Not eating out! Mathieu & I love going to restaurants. It’s our thing but when we think of all the money we could save by eating at home it was a no brainer. But it hurts guyz.

I got engaged. At the beginning of December on the way home from a trip London, Mathieu took me up to the clock in Chester city centre and got down on one knee. It was a shock and I of course said Oui. We have set a date for August 2019 and it is nerve wracking to say the least! So thats another thing that has held us back, saving for a wedding and a house now! Well timed Mat!! 

So as I said not so much has been going on but I feel I need to take better care of this little place.


National Trust:: Dunham Massey

Here are some pictures I didn't get around to posting last Autumn. My mother & I took a visit to the National Trust estate Dunham Massey where the deer roam freeing the grounds. When we got there I was so disappointed as we didn't look at the opening times and just turned up and found out that the house was closed. But we sucked it up and wandered the grounds.