A few days in Faro: Ilha de Deserta

These photos consist of our two visits to the Praia. Here is our favourite place. In my last post Here, I mentioned that we looked for a nearby beach in Faro but only came across a booth for boat trips. We headed back the next day & we were not disappointed. We waited fifteen minutes for the next boat ride that was a small ferry For thirty euro each, that took you to the beach via the Ria Formosa Nature reserve.

As the prices were not pointed out (on our first visit) we jumped at the chance to visit this idyllic beach. On the way home some other visitors gave us the full brochure  & we found out that a speed boat only cost a measly five euros each. Miffed was not the word. We did get to see the Ria Formosa but alas as a daughter of a bird lover seeing this was not anything new & I was annoyed that I'd paid sixty euro to look at one more reserve. Call me ignorant but birdwatching is just not a thing I would do for fun unless David Attenborough was next to me narrating haha.

And so after an hours tour of the nature reserve (staring at non-existent birds & sand dunes) we finally arrived at the jetty of Ilha de Deserta. The beautiful pristine beach with transparent waters & fine powdered sand. The only building on the island? A restaurant named Estamine, which served the most gorgeous food. We headed straight there naturally. I had fried little sole with coriander rice which makes me hungry just thinking about it. It was unbelievably good. Mathieu had the fish of the day, grilled all topped off with an ice cold jug of Sangria. 

We then headed out to the sea & found rows of umbrellas & deckchairs for twenty euro & set up shop. The day was calm & so hot so we did not mind paying for the shade of the umbrellas & coolness of the loungers. We basked in the sun, reading our books & then when we got too hot dragged ourselves into the cool salty sea. Watching the sea-bed carefully through the waves to pick up shells.

On our second visit, we came fully prepared with a picnic, bottles of ice cold wine, & ready to board the speedboat (which Mathieu loved having all to ourselves).  We rented the umbrella & chairs again for shelter but this time I wasn't so lucky. We decided to take a small hike over to the southernmost point of the island that was marked with driftwood and signposts showing the miles to other cities and continents. On this walk, although I smothered myself in suncream, I wore a coverup/kaftan and I  got burnt people. Well and truly burnt. Of course, I didn't even realise until we got home but the next day I couldn't move and had to send Mathieu off to the pharmacy to get me some Biafine. Not cool.

Just looking at these photos make me ache for soft sand and a bit of sun whilst I'm sat here writing this post in a cafe in Chester where the rain is beating the windows and there's a gust of icy wind whenever someone opens the door! Take me back!

Are you a fan of beach holidays? Or are you a city break type?


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