A few days in Faro:: Palacio De Estoi

Towards the end of our trip we ventured out to a nearby town called Estoi. I stumbled upon a brochure from the info centre and I couldn't resist the beautiful colours of the place. The Palacio Estoi is a small historic hotel in the countryside, about 45 minutes bus ride from Faro. We hopped on a bus and got off in the dusty, sleepy portugese town. It was a really hot day and it was a ghost town. All the shutters pulled down and so peaceful but eerie. We followed the wrong signs that sent us in the opposite direction and had a local finally point the way to a back road shaded with fig trees which we followed until it took us the the front of the hotel. We walked into the reception and told them that we would like to walk the grounds and they happily pointed us in the right direction.

Wewandered down a beautiful corridor, admiring the the rooms as we went until we found ourselves outside in what only I could describe as an oasis. It was a balmy day and all I could smell was the earthy smell of the fig trees surrounding the palace gardens. Dragonflies whizzed past as we walked down the steps into the beautiful grounds.

The gardens boast beautiful flowers and fountains but is renowned for the Rococo architecture and the Azulejos (the blue and white tiles). I was blown away and it was by far the most beautiful thing we saw on our travels. I couldn't help but nibble the figs as we walked along taking it all in. 


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