Athens, Greece October 2015

Waaaay back in October 2015 Mathieu and I ventured over to Athens for eight nights. We stayed with Air BnB and I accidentally booked a little place way out in the suburbs. Oops. So it was a lovely holiday but we traveled so much that when we got back we felt like we needed another one just to relax. Worst thing to happen? My camera broke in my carry on! Why is it always me? The len snapped straight off my samsung, cries. So all of these photo are just taken with a crappy iPhone 5C.

Athens was beautiful but we could see that the economy had hit it hard. Stuck to the tourist traps mainly and wandered to all the beautiful ruins and buildings. We visited Acropolis, Acropolis Museum, Agora, The temple of Zeus and wandered Plaka.

Plaka was my favourite. The beautiful streets, the hazy smell of baking bread and fresh seafood. The souvenirs! Mathieu and I had to stop ourselves from going over budget! We brought back oil, salts, olives, pottery and more! 

My other favourite thing? Finding the tortoises. I had so much fun tracking these guys down and spent at least ten minutes having a chat with them whilst Mat hid in embarrassment. I loved finding them. 

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